Bridal Redesign Heirloom

Perfect your heirloom bridal gown

Every bride deserves to be entirely in love with her wedding vision and look. But finding that perfect dress, headpiece or veil isn’t always easy. At Clarissa Boutique, we know that entirely loving your ensemble is important to your confidence and comfort on your big day.

Creating One-of-a-Kind Veils and Headpieces

Whether your style is classic, modern, or uniquely your own — a wedding veil and headpiece can help complete your look. Many times, a new headpiece or veil has nearly all of the right elements – but it’s missing a desired feature. From length to cut and embellishments, improving on the design of your new veil or headpiece expands your options and choices and creates a one-of-a-kind keepsake for you to treasure.

Perfecting Your Special Heirloom

With a desire to intertwine family history into the wedding day, many brides turn to an heirloom gown, veil or headpiece. Wearing or incorporating a keepsake from a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or any other part of your family or close circle of friends can add a nostalgic feeling that is uniquely priceless. But styles and trends change. Even if you are close in size of the original bride, your heirloom may not precisely fit and require some level of restructuring or restyling. Our expert designers are skillful and creative when it comes to matching and complementing fabrics and components, as well as adding personalization all your own.

Putting it all Together

The stylists at Clarissa Boutique can also help with unique and clever ideas to incorporate your favorite pieces into your wedding day. Your family may have heirloom jewelry sewn into the gown or veil itself. A ring bearer pillow, garter, or hankie can also be made from a part of the vintage family gown. Some brides sew a piece of the heirloom dress into their new gown. You might even display the gown or photographs of its history at the reception where everyone can appreciate its legacy. Need help putting it all together? Contact a personal consultant today — the only option you don’t have at Clarissa Boutique is being limited by choice!