Custom Designed Veils & Headpieces

custom designed veil

One of a kind, custom veil

The perfect veil or headpiece for you depends primarily on the style of wedding gown you choose, as well as your face shape and of course, your personality.

At Clarissa Boutique, a family-owned business since 1950 serving generations of brides, we do veils and headpieces a lot differently! After all, many women say that putting on their veil or headpiece was the first moment they felt like a true bride. From high-quality fabric choices to embellishments, our custom veils and headpieces are all about distinction, design and style. Whether complementing your hairstyle or incorporating a family heirloom, our custom veils and headpieces are truly a one-of-a-kind where you get your money’s worth and more. Call us today to learn more, or stop by to see a selection of sample pieces and fabrics.