Bridal Accessory Consulting

Bridal consulting

Personal consultants help to create an individualized look

Maybe we’re biased, but we can’t think of a better reason than feeling and looking your best on your wedding day! So make the time, have some fun, and let’s find out what makes you feel the most beautiful.
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Our philosophy? Work from the inside out.

An appointment with one of our personal consultants is all about you. To make your ensemble truly special, our consultants focus on creating an individualized look that is reflective of both your personality and style. From jewelry enhancements to veils and accessories— our goal is for you to be gorgeous, confident and comfortable.

Create the perfect look with a styling session.

Whether you are looking to completely transform or simply enhance your image, our experienced personal consultants can counsel you on your overall look during a styling session. Bring to the appointment what inspires you: such as favorite pictures, jewelry, color swatches, or even your dress (if you have it). During the session, try things on, see what you love, determine what you need, and get expert advice on what works best for your individual needs and preferences. Our vast array of accessories — jewelry, veils, headpieces, hair combs, belts, and more — will give you many options to consider.  Our consultants will help you make choices that create a perfect, flattering and timeless look of beauty and balance, giving you fashion industry expertise, and creating and guiding you to your dream look.

Enjoy a legacy of superior service.

With a commitment to quality, we attentively collaborate with our clientele to exceed expectations. So skip the impersonal hassle of shopping in a retail environment. Come to Clarissa Boutique and put the services of our personal consultants to your advantage. With our personal consultant services, your finished look will be truly inspirational.

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